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Experienced Joomla Consulting

Joomla Logo Andrew Eddie is the longest serving developer for the Joomla project and is able to provide strategic insight for development projects that can be offered by few other people in the world.

Authoritative Joomla Developer Documentation

The Art of Joomla Produced by New Life in IT, The Art of Joomla Developer Reference offers the world's best growing reference for Joomla Developers wanting to learn the Art of Joomla development. The Art of Joomla provides a wealth of free general tutorials as well as a professional quality developer's reference via subscription (AU$49.50 per year).

Quality Joomla Extensions

JXtended In partnership with New Life in IT, JXtended provides some of the most advanced extensions available for Joomla such as Comments, Finder, Labels, Magazine and Catalog.

Detailed Joomla Training

Contact us if you would like personal in-house or group based developer training for Joomla.